A thank you to you + Spring is here life update!

A thank you to you + Spring is here life update!

Hi, it's me! 

I am not sure about you but Spring is busy.

For the past 7 years I was a teacher at a local elementary school, and every year Spring was insane.
Insane with testing, projects, parties, and field trips.
When I started to stay home with the boys I was looking forward to non-busy Springs.
Springs of leisurely playing outside. 

Playing outside is happening daily (while fighting the wind) but when your life revolves around farm time the Spring picks up at a rapid pace to get ready for Summer! 
And when you own your own family business its all hands on deck to help out where you can! 
Let's take a look inside our spring so far:

‚úĒBulk Beef Launch
(deposits close in 3 weeks!!)

‚úĒSmoking Briskets for Easter
(Never did I ever think I would know so much about smoking meat but here I am!! They are going to be delicious!!) 

‚úĒGetting the greenhouse ready and planted

‚úĒGetting¬†in 300 meat birds that should be ready for butcher¬†in late June!!

‚úĒJustin¬†taking a trip to Austin once a month to lobby local & state food bills!!¬†
(so much more on this soon!!)
Am I overwhelmed?
Yes, just a bit. 

Is my house a complete disaster?
Yes, if someone has a good cleaning schedule - send it my way

Is it worth it?
Yes, 100%

Why is it worth it? 
Because we have never been able to serve you our customers like the way we have been now!


Thank you for buying beef, pork and lamb!

Thank you for continually selling us out of pork that we are having to butcher more than ever before!!! 

Thank you. 

I am also working behind the scenes on how to get you better prices & more price transparency on our meats!
Please stay tuned, its coming so soon!!
With such a grateful heart & off to sweep up all the dirt the Spring Panhandle Wind has brought 
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