Cow Share Club

Cow Share Club

Hi there!!

‚ÄčDo you know 3 people¬†+ you that want to buy beef?¬†

Have you always wanted to go in on a whole cow with your family and friends?

Well now is your chance!

Welcome to Cow Share Club! 

It's time to call up the friends and family to see whose in.

You can easily share in a whole beef with the people that you are closest with (no matter where they live) by becoming a Cow Share Coordinator! 

Share with: 
Family Members 
Church Community 
Club Members 
Anyone else you can think of! 

You all will get to enjoy filling your freezer and saving big with a whole beef price! 


What is the Cow Share Club?
1. It's a way you can easily split a whole cow while we take the 
headache out of being the middle man. We take care of all the logistics! 

2. It's getting to purchase a quarter beef ($11/lb) at the whole cow price ($10/lb)!
That's saving $100 on your quarter beef! 


How It Works (promise it's simple!)

1. Sign up to be a Cow Share Club Coordinator! - email me at with "Cow Share Club I'm in!" 

2. We will send you a private link that you can share with your 
friends and family. 

3. You and your group can select as many quarter beefs as 
you want while paying the whole beef price ($10/lb) SAVINGS of at least $100
(minimum of 4 quarters need to be sold)

4. Each quarter beef has a deposit of $400 with the final amount due (approx. $600) when the beef is ready in early June. 

5. Rushed right to your door via FedEx with FREE SHIPPING 

6. You and your community can celebrate a fully stocked freezer 
while supporting a local ranching and butchering family! 
7. The deadline to have all of your quarters sold is April 25th. 

The bonuses will be open the entire deposit window! (March 21st - April 25th

Yes!! You and your group get all the bonuses!

By signing up for Cow Share Club Coordinator you are saying "yes, I can get the whole beef sold" so anyone that buys one of your quarters will get the bonuses no matter when they place an order in the deposit window.


Can I buy more than one quarter?
Yes, you or any one that you share your link with can purchase as many as they want! (minimum of 4 quarters need to be sold)

Do I need to sell all 4 quarters? 
Yes please! By us sending you your private link we are reserving the whole cow for you. That means we will not be able to sell any of those quarters to any one else. 

What if I want a half beef?
Great! Just purchase 2 quarters! And have 2 other friends purchase the remaining 2 quarters.

What if I want to purchase the quarters for friends and family and send it to them as a gift? 
You can totally do that! Just make separate purchases so we know who to send it too! (if it is a surprise please send me an email so I don't ruin the surprise!) 


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