Where's Justin?

Where's Justin?

Answering the most asked question I get!
Where's Justin?
He used to be here! ⬆ While I was teaching at a local elementary school, Justin was on the farm, feeding animals, fixing planters, building fences, working on projects, all while Heston, our oldest son tagged along!

Now when I see friends and customers in town without Justin, or we are at an event without Justin, I get asked, "Where's Justin?" Well he's here ⬇ 
We find Justin at the processing facility, usually on the phone, in the office and helping customers. 

He won't be here forever. One day we will find him back on the farm in the pastures with his livestock, but for now we make choices. 

We make the choice for him to invest his time into the butchery. 

We make the choice that he comes home for a late dinner, usually while the boys have already eaten. 

We make the choice that he feeds livestock in the dark of the night after he helps with bath time, reading books, and putting the boys to bed. 

We make the choice that our front yard fence is currently in shambles because the fence for the pigs is priority when he has some extra time. 

We make the choice to pray and let the Lord lead us. 

He makes the choice to come grab the boys every chance he gets so they can work beside him for a moment. 
Why do we make these choices? 

These choices mean:  

‚úĒFood Security
‚úĒFood Transparency¬†
‚úĒHaving Employees¬†that are invested¬†in so that they have a job they love¬†
‚úĒJustin getting to work along side his dad and mom¬†
‚úĒHaving a legacy to leave to our boys¬†
‚úĒThe boys having a mom that is home¬†
‚úĒHaving high quality meat for our customers
‚úĒBeing able to serve¬†our community¬†

One day all projects will be completed and the farm will be social media worthy.

One day Justin will get to sit in a pasture in the sun and soak in time with the boys and his livestock.

For now we make the choices, because we believe that our choices now will have the most benefit to you, our customers, supporters and our family. 

We also want you to know that YOU are the reason we get to make these choices. Every purchase you make, every post you like and share, every time you refer us to a friend, every time you open an email, you give us the ability to make more choices to improve your food!! THANK YOU!! 
-Whitney & Justin
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